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Art Nouveau – Cat207


A very nice art nouveau tiled insert presented in a highlight polished finish. shown with a set of original tiles ref tile269 sold separately for £595

Art Nouveau – Cat215


Art Nouveau white Powdercoated combination. Rd 408610 for 1903.

Art Nouveau – Cat221


Small Art Nouveau bedroom fireplace Rd 475 146 for 1906.

Art Nouveau – Ware002


Art Nouveau cast iron surround with RD 349281 for 1899.

Art Nouveau – Ware005


A Very nice full polished cast iron tiled insert circa 1900 shown with a set of original tiles sold separately.



Edwardian style reproduction little interior.



Victorian combination ‘The Taj’ powdercoated in pink. Circa 1890. 



Victorian arched insert circa 1880.



Victorian combination ‘The bowl of fruit’ RD 107 694 for 1888. 

Edwardian – Cat001


A very nice combination fireplace circa 1900-1910 made by Falkirk iron co.

Edwardian – Cat029


Edwardian tiled register Rd number 507457 for 1907, all complete with original parts. Shown with an original set of tiles sold separately.

Edwardian – Cat034


Edwardian combination with free standing fret and grate design circa 1910. In a full polished finish.